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Writing (about) Race in Speculative Fiction

Malinda Lo has a thought-provoking post up about writing race in speculative fiction, and as I’m revising Erekos for the print run, I’m thinking harder about how I can communicate race effectively in a created world.

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Erekos, in Print!

I’ve just received the contract for a print run of Erekos, which we’ll begin to distribute this September. How terrifically exciting! More details to come as they become available.

Lovely Readers at Preditors and Editors!

Thanks to the kindness of you, the readers, Erekos has been named #8 at the Preditors and Editors Science Fiction and Fantasy Poll! But that’s not all — my incredible cover artist has taken fourth place! Thank you all for reading and voting. Spiffy top-ten images after the jump!

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Some very spiffy book bloggers have been kind enough to review Erekos, and I’m grateful that they were willing to share their thoughts — they’re lovely writers in their own right, and these reviews are absolute pleasures to read.

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Metanarrative Musings

Aleksandr Voinov was writing about his mythos and narratives yesterday, and the subject’s been on my mind a great deal of late.

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Review and Interview with Paperback Dolls

I’ve received a lovely, positive review from Paperback Dolls; the review link includes an interview on the formation of Erekos as a text and me as a writer. Thanks for your time, Day, and for the chance to speak with you!

Erekos, at Last

In 2005, I started writing a novel that wasn’t sure whether it wanted to be high fantasy or Salman Rushdie-like metafiction. (It turned out to be neither.) I knew that it would have steamboats and gods and zombies and language geekery and occasional flights of eighteenth-century pastiche and black main characters and people who got work done. Beyond that, I didn’t know what it would be.

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