Six years ago, I set out on an adventure with three strangers: the Tarasov siblings, Elizaveta, Innokentiy, and Pyotr. When I began this journey, I knew little more than their names and the rough outlines of their lives. I knew the scent of their family home, gunpowder and mutton and blood and dust. I knew that Elizaveta dreamed of taking her father’s place as lord of a border fortress, that Innokentiy lied compulsively even as he sought a deeper truth, and that Pyotr liked to fix machines because he couldn’t fix his family. I knew that something had happened in their past that had severed the bonds between them almost irreparably.

I knew that dragons haunted their skies, but I hadn’t decided yet whether they were beasts or people. (I hadn’t decided whether the Tarasovs were, either.)

Discovering the rest of their story was a pleasure and a privilege, and today, I am pleased and privileged to share Drakon with all of you.

For a full summary of the book, check out the listing on Candlemark & Gleam’s website (you can also buy it there!). The inimitable Athena Andreadis has written a very kind introduction to the book, and Publishers Weekly and ALA Booklist have both given it starred reviews. If you’re interested in my inspiration, playlists, and musings on history and gender, you can check out my Drakon tag — I’ll be posting more over the next few months.

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