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A Soundtrack for Drakon

Athena Andreadis and I like to joke about which actors we’d cast in a Drakon movie, but for me, the best part of a movie’s always been the score. When I fantasize about a Drakon movie, I’m really fantasizing about having Ramin Djawadi or Thomas Bergersen score it. Music shapes how we understand the emotional content of a scene on a fundamental level (see example). It comments on the actors’ performances and gives them greater depth, adding undercurrents of wistfulness or menace or hope.

Accordingly, I thought the best way to give everyone a taste of the book was to put together a fantasy soundtrack. This playlist ranges from sweeping, epic orchestration to Russian folk music, borrowing liberally from soundtracks for both period pieces and video games.


Here’s the playlist on YouTube. Full track listing and individual links below the cut!

Book I*

Father and Daughter – Ramin Djawadi, “The Tower” (Game of Thrones Soundtrack)

Drakon Main Title Theme – Two Steps from Hell, “Sky Titans”

InterlopersJeremy Soule, “The Vigil Goes to War” (Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack)

The Language of Dragons – Zoe Keating, “Legions (Reverie)”

Homecoming – Zack Hemsey, “Redemption”

A Few Drinks with Family – Nigel Eaton, “On the River”

Bells in the Night – Antti Martikainen, “The Chase”

Elizaveta – Jeremy Soule, “For Blood, for Glory, for Honor” (Elder Scrolls Online Soundtrack)

A Thief and a Liar – John Lunn, “Deception” (Downton Abbey Soundtrack)

And What Then? – Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, “Bydlo” (from Pictures at an Exhibition)


Book II

They’ll Never Forgive You for Being Your Father – Dario Marianelli, “At the Ballet” (Redemption Soundtrack)

The Tower – Two Steps from Hell, “No Honor in Blood”

Blood and Bombazine – Two Steps from Hell, “Femme Fatale”

Follow the Tracks – Andrey Vinogradov, “Uzh I Ya Li Moloda, Tonkopriaditsa Byla”

Aysel – Thomas Bergersen, “Starchild”

A Mechanical Problem – Break of Reality, “Vintage”

The VoiceElitsa Alexandrova, “From the Shadows” (Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Soundtrack)

Across the Rye Fields – The Immediate, “Rex Imperium”

Boris Baivich – Mythos, “Icarus”

The Triumph of That Kiss – Full Tilt, “Interstellar”


Book III

A Controlled SpinJesper Kyd, “Ezio’s Family” (Assassin’s Creed 2 Soundtrack)

The Dragon and His Wrath – Julia Kent, “A Spire”

The Angels – Zack Hemsey, “The Calling”

A Taste for Lost Causes – The Immediate, “Destiny of the Chosen”

The World Ablaze – Audiomachine, “Crossing Destiny”

Swords and Sickles – Audiomachine, “Guardians at the Gate”

To the Skies – Antti Martikainen, “Through Enemy Lines”

By Accident or Design – Jamie Christopherson, “England and France” (Bladestorm Soundtrack)

Before the Ikonostasis – Alti Orvarsson, “The Ninth Legion” (The Eagle Soundtrack)

A Toast to Mother Russia – Martin Phipps, “I’ve Seen Hell” (North & South Soundtrack)

We Go On – The Immediate, “State of Endless Grace”

End Credits – Future World Music, “Dream Chasers”


Please consider supporting these artists — and particularly the independent artists — by buying their music if you enjoyed it.

* Like many novels of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Drakon is divided into volumes or “books.” Rest assured, however, that the paperback edition will only be one physical book.


  1. Magnificent choices! I should have guessed you like Zoe Keating and North & South. May I link to this from the C&G blog with a brief introduction?

    • amtuomala

      August 5, 2016 at 7:53 pm

      Absolutely! I’m so pleased that you liked it. =D I’d be curious to see what people think of your cast list, too!

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