Reviews for The Map and the Territory

“Gripping, vivid, and magical, this fantasy adventure from Tuomala (Drakon) has a power to enchant its readers equal to the power of the wizards within it who are bent on saving their broken world. Eshu, a young wizard and university student, and Rukha, a cartographer on a mission to chart Nanjeer’s drainage basins, are thrust together after a surreal natural disaster, joining forces to attempt to understand the chaos wrought upon their world and return to their respective homes. Tuomala’s worldbuilding and intricate magic system take some time to understand, but readers who persevere will be rewarded by an intimate familiarity with the terrain the characters traverse and the challenges they face—both magical (whole cities being devoured by crystals) and mundane (the difficulty of spending time in the constant company of another person). Tuomala tackles issues of class and power as they relate to trade and infrastructure in a world devastated by apocalyptic events, raising the poignant question of how people can or should take care of each other after the world falls apart. This impressive fantasy packs the punch of a much longer epic.”

– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Magic, stories, and cartography mix with romance, adventure, and philosophy. Questions such as what we owe to each other and how do we care for one another when the world is falling apart seem particularly apt for our (nonmagical) world. A stellar start to a new fantasy series, this book is highly recommended for all fantasy collections.”

– Booklist (starred review)