Writing Portfolio

As a writer, I’m especially interested in atmosphere and character voice. While I have completed several well-received original novels, I also enjoy imitating the tone and language of different media properties and teasing out the key themes of the source material.

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Derivative Works

The following works are based on other works of fiction.


To Live with the Wound

This story was drafted prior to the revelation that Savathûn was posing as Osiris, and explores a Lightless Osiris’s relationships with other Guardians as he attempts to grieve Sagira’s passing.

The Drifter looks up when Osiris arrives in the camp at the base of the Ziggurat. “If you need someone to QA another Sundial, I’m retired,” he says immediately. “Already tempted fate one time too many.”

As All the Tuned Spheres

This short story depicts Osiris climbing Felwinter’s Peak in search of guidance that only the elusive Iron Lord can give.

It isn’t the answer that Osiris wants. More than anything, he wants someone to say, “There is an ineluctable truth, and it does not change whether or not it is observed. There is a fixed point around which everything turns, and it is not an object of faith but of fact.”

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

A Moment at the Beginning

This choose-your-own-adventure game is an adaptation of Tom Stoppard’s play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. It weaves Stoppard’s and Shakespeare’s writing with original prose to create a short game that engages with the play’s central question: do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have agency and choice, or are they merely actors in an ever-repeating drama?

“It’s a player’s work to make them ask that question. To balance the audience on the knife’s edge of catastrophe, and to make them wonder where their heroes will fall.” He draws his sword and tilts it to catch the fading light. You know it’s only a prop sword, but it gleams wickedly in the sun. “But at the heart of the mystery is one truth: no matter where you fall from the knife’s edge, you fall onto the knife.”

Original Fiction

The two samples below come from my novels. The Map and the Territory is slated for release on 21 November, 2022, while The Engineers of Radiance has not yet been submitted for publication.

The Map and the Territory

The Map and the Territory is a post-apocalyptic picaresque set in a world beset by magical disasters. When the cartographer Fern meets Eshu, a wizard stranded far from home, she promises to help him get back to his family. In the excerpt below, Eshu and Fern travel into the eerie desert Mirrorlands to search for a magical way back to Eshu’s city.

“It’s a dreamscape,” said Eshu. He wished he didn’t sound quite so desperate. “You can’t just apply science to it.”

The Engineers of Radiance

The Engineers of Radiance is a science fantasy revenge romance, in which traumatized ex-soldier Kai dil Vo agrees to serve as a spy exchange for information about the enemy soldier who tortured him. However, as Kai becomes more intimately entangled with his target, he develops a passion for science—and a fragile hope of thriving—that make him question his desire for revenge. In the excerpt below, Kai goes to see a counselor to start working through his trauma.

“How do you stop being at war?” Kai asked. “How do you convince yourself that you don’t need those things anymore?”